Whether it is a colour scheme or a full design specification, Zane is able to work with you to achieve the look and feel you are after. There are so many beautiful inspirations available on places like Pinterest, but sometimes it is hard to work out how to make that look fit into your home. Zane listens to your plans and will help you make them fit into your space.

Colour consultation

Unfortunately it is ridiculously easy to pick the wrong colour! Who knew there were so many shades of white for example? It is much more cost effective to pick the right colour the first time than to have to paint over a scheme you hate!

Window Treatments

Curtain making? Everyone's least favourite task. It is just so important to the look and feel of the room to have well made curtains. Zane is able to personally supervise the making of your curtains in the LH Design workshop in Christchurch. Do not be fooled by "free making" offers that you see around! You will be surprised how cost effective the curtains will be and how lovely the finished product is.

Flooring and Rug Specification

Zane is very experienced in all types of flooring. Talk to him about what you need and he will be able to recommend the best type of flooring for all areas of your home using, timber, carpet, tile, stone, laminates or vinyls. Once we have settled on the perfect flooring to suit your home and lifestyle we then source beautiful rugs or have them custom made to add extra dimension and texture.

Custom Furniture Design/Layout

Sometimes you just cannot find what you want for a specific space. Talk to Zane about commissioning a custom piece for your home or workspace. Or alternatively get a favourite piece recovered as a feature in your room.

Decor and Styling

You can have the best collection of furniture and furnishings but it takes an experienced eye to make them all come together harmoniously. Sometimes it is just a pop of colour or a well placed piece of artwork. Zane will work with you to put together what you have and recommend what else you need to make the whole design come together.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Kitchen and bathroom special design and specification are vitally important to how functional your space is. Getting the design right is so fundamental to your renovation or new build process. Book in a consultation with Zane to work out the best solution for your project.

Project Management

Nothing is more frustrating when you are renovating than having a hold up along the way. Engaging a designer to oversee the whole project will help you to eliminate those hassles and make your project come together on time and on budget.

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